3D-Scan Service

Eine Kooperation mit der Rooom AG:
Profitieren Sie von unserem starken Partner
und unserer Technik & Know-How.

Welche Daten werden benötigt?

Sie brauchen Bilder Ihres Objektes, gute Qualität bei ordentlicher Ausleuchtung erleichtern den Prozess. Feste Brennweiten und schattierungsfreie Bilder Ihres Objekt verbessern die Textur.

Was funktioniert gut?

Für Photogrammetry sollten strukturierte Objekte gegeben sein. Reflektierende, transparente oder strukturlose Objekte sind schwerer zu verarbeiten.

Höhere Qualität, on demand

Wenn Sie ein perfektes Mesh mit passender Topologie benötigen, werden unsere Profis Ihre Daten bearbeiten.

Lizenz und Copyright

Wenn Sie mehr als unseren kostenlosen Service benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns.

Präsentieren Sie Ihre 3D-Modelle

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Scan on Demand, individuelle Lösungen

Wenn Sie Objekte mit mehreren Ansichten besitzen, ein perfektes Mesh brauchen oder eine nachgearbeitete Textur benötigen, dann sind Profis gefragt. Hier die Unterschiede unserer Services.


Low quality mesh

  • 64mb Upload
  • 3d-model als .obj
  • E-Mail Benachrichtigung
  • keine eigene Lizenz

Multi Chunk

Medium Quality mesh & private

  • 2gb Upload
  • mehrere Ansichten
  • E-Mail Support
  • Private Lizenz oder kommerzielle Lizenz

Ihr eigener Rooom

powered by rooom

  • unbegrenzter Upload
  • angepasst nach Ihren Vorgaben
  • Extrem hohe Qualität
  • Alle Lizenzen*

Upload Ihrer Daten

FAQ, häufige Fragen

Don’t worry, it is easy:

  • Get some images of your object, you don’t need a fancy camera, but better quality = better 3D-model
  • When you got your images in the “.jpg” or “.png” file format you can upload them here.
  • After uploading, our programs direct, process and then calculate your model and inform you when it is finished, sendung you a download possibility.

Currently this is an enourmously demanding task. Even good servers will take quite some time processing the data, so don’t expect a minute turn-around. Also, first goes first serve: We choose to offer this for free, which means, we can’t handle a big processing center for the free tasks, which is why they are processed in the order they came in. Depending on actual load it will take several hours till you get your data.

Photogrammetry is using real pictures of an object to get a 3D-object out of it. It is an easy methode to 3D-scan an real object and make it to something virtual. Sounds easy. It is. But it has some quirks to it.

What you need:

  • High quality images, preferably with fixed zoom position (35-55mm on common DLSRs = good)
  • Structured, non reflective, non transparent objects for perfect results (black glass = bad)
  • What you see, is what you get, if you want everything on your 3D-object, you need to photograph everything. Take about 16 images from 2-3 heights resulting in about 30-60 pictures. (Of course, more is better, but we have a data limit, so our servers won’t get crashed)
  • no moving objects, no manipulation of the object, all images must be taken from the same objects without any changes (background stuff like moving cats can be o.k., but avoiding them is better)

Yes, it is. Using the free service will make your uploaded files possible to be published on our website, so that the community can benefit. That means that there is only the chance for you to use the objects for yourself and accepting the fact that all the data can be shared and used from us.

If you don’t want others to see your results, you can change to another plan.

If you need professional touch up or a elevated licence, you need to choose more then our free plan.

When do you need it?

  • More then one view ob an object, so it needs to be combined for a closed mesh
  • Cleaned mesh and fixed topology (especially for 3D-printing)
  • Texture and and all maps for your afterwork (ambient, UV, normals, we got you covered with the vertecie-count you need)
  • wanting your object in your hands without or with commercial interest or the intent to share it yourself

Head up for our premium plans where we work on your project to get the best out of it.

Need a special offer? Contact us.

We always wanted some easy way to just upload a set of pictures and get a 3D-model. So, we made one. On our background we have a 3D-scanning and a 3D-printing company, which is why we have the knowledge to do so and the incline to just make stuff happen.

Licences are a legal thing, which require legal notice and attention. This is why we need to specify the uses for each service. 

Currently you are given no permissions outside of personal use by using our service, also, the free plan means, that the licence of use still belong to us and that the object can be shared on this website.

After adding all the licencing info we will specify and update every aspect of this. As the paid plans are currently not available, you cannot find further information here.